Mommy and Daughter, dynamic duo

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Trust the creative process. 


I did an art therapy session with @momsstoptheharm 


Helped remember how much I love doing things like this 


Started with a free hand writing prompt, different colors, turning the page and writing on top of the previous writing until all four side were full. Full of thoughts from earlier that day to wishes to my future self. 


The theme: my daughter.


Afterwards we painted the whole page over with a thin coat of white paint and water and then the desired color.


Color theme: yellow.


Collage of inspiration or words was next. Finding a theme from within the magazine, followed by a quote of some sort and a border. To seal it all in. Painting around the cutouts to blend them into the image. 


Collage theme: if did things differently she would not be her.


As a parent you often reflect on what you did or didn't do and if things were different would their lives be better or worse. I try really hard not to go into the past, as I've seen to many people get stuck there. You can't change the past, you can learn from it and grow, make different decisions in the future. Everything we experience and everything we do creates a ripple into the future, without these ripples we would not be who we are today. If you don't like this current present, create a new ripple. 


Hence the ripple swirls on the paper. White and yellow ripples, representing the past to present and present to future. 


My daughter wouldn't be her if we chose a different path. 


Thank you too @artwithanna for leading this session. I'm looking forward to more art therapy in the future.


Heck maybe I'll eventually make my own book finally. #manifest  


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