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One of the things I get to do is create art with kiddos. Each week coming up with someone thing new to create and share. I do art alot despite whether I share it online or not. Always on the go, for work, and at home 

Here we made DIy plushies. Which a kiddo once taught me, actually during COVID times. There were only a few children, as everyone else stayed home. We were there hanging out doing crafts. 

For this craft all you need is paper, clear tape and a garbage bag - I've been using the scented small garbage bags as they leave a little scent when you squish.

What do you do? Cut out a desired shape, you need two sides. Decorate both is you wish. Once your design is complete tape the two half's together leaving an opening to put the garbage bags in. I recommend fluffing them up a little bit to give them more of a squish. I usually use two-three small bags for each plush. Depending on how big the plush is of course!

After you have stuffed you can now seal the rest. The design should be covered with the tape and no bags peaking through. You may now squish your heart out. 



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