Mr. Potatoe Head

chalk fan art

I have all these images stockpiles waiting to be released within this blog but for some reason, I stop myself. Once art became a chore, or another job on top of my other 95 jobs, I stopped pushing it for sale. Instead I enjoy the guerilla art aspect. Creating on the go, on the sidewalk, on a rock, in a tree, doodling, whatever it may be. Then leaving it behind for someone to find. That way someone will see it and smile. Will I ever know how it made someone feel? Maybe. Sometimes I get people reaching out saying they stumbled across something. Sometimes I walk away and find someone rolling around on top of the chalk, scuffing it up with their tires or dumping a drink on top. Does it bother me? Not really. As long as I get to finish it, that's all that matters to me. As long as someone enjoys it along the way. I usually get a compliment or two before hand. My job here is done.


Here is a little potatoes head. Chalked in the dark. 


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