OG ZANOSkULL (remix)



It's the design that started it all, well the remix anyways. The original hangs on my wall above the mirror in the hallway. I painted this zanoskull on a piece of cardboard in my living room many moons ago. While designing I had no idea I would create a character and take it on many adventures. It started with a dream of designing skateboards. That's what Zanoskull was originally designed for. Still to this day, a dream of mine. From there it blossomed. I stripped down the human to the bones. For Zanoskull is not about death but about life. Underneath the genders, the race, the flaws, the image. It's the bare bones. Living. We fo us too much of those details and forget about the human underneath. Constantly fighting and putting down one another for their image, their race or their gender. We forget to focus on the blossom. 

No matter the remix. This OG remains the same. #differentmoodsofRoxzano.

Arts of all sorts.

Zano skateboard. Make my dream come true. 

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